To think or not to think that is the question?

Web Usability has always been about having a clean clear simple approach in creating a user-interface design that shouts you don't need to think to find what you want. But as the world of the web is evolving it is also challenging our perception on what makes a good website and some websites have started to push the boundaries.

The Webby-winning Adidas UK website is a classic example of this as it gives the viewer an experience and interaction that makes you never forget . There are a number of experimental UI designs that not only encourage web users to explore but to leave a lasting impression.

Kinetic Singapore's Sean Lam predicts "With the increasing popularity of Papervision3D, we'll see a wave of 3D space-type user interfaces this year"

Gone are the days of just using the web for information. The exploration of that information is now fast becoming a fashion trend must have.

Even though technology is expanding the web horizon, a good interface needs to be simple and clear, but always invites you to play.

Some web designers seem to be more cautious in this approach as it's so easy to get carried away in the first place.

For the few designers that get it right, others will get it oh so wrong especially if the designers sacrifice usability for bells and whistles.

It all falls back to the underlining questions: What do the visitors want, and how do they want it? How will they move through the site, and how can we make their experience pleasant and simple?

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