Customers need to be able to view your new website. That's why Globalgraphics will create a version of it that functions perfectly on handheld devices.

Nowadays, making sure that your new website views and functions perfectly on tablet and mobile devices is essential, even if you have an e-commerce store! The number of people using tablets and mobile devices to search and browse the web has grown phenomenally. Globalgraphics will build your new website so that it is fully accessible and functional for all handheld device users. 


Customers who choose Globalgraphics for their website design can expect...

  • Customer Accessibility

    We make sure that your new website is fully accessible to all of your customers.

  • Mobile Friendly Design

    Your new website will read perfectly on all types of handheld devices.

  • Dedicated Mobile Design

    You can opt to have a separate version of your website just for mobile devices.

  • Fully functional

    Naturally your website will function exactly the same on handheld device.

  • Avoid Penalties

    Your new website will be mobile friendly to ensure you avoid Google's penalties.


Globalgraphics is a website design company that is fully committed to your on-line success. Here are some key reasons why you should choose us for your website project...

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