Atlas Lighting Ecommerce Web Design for Selling Lightbulbs

Atlas Lighting

Atlas Lighting are specialists in lighting solutions and accessories.

This bright, uncomplicated e-commerce website makes it easy for products and information to be easily be found by customers. Customers need to be able to find what they want quickly and easily. Moreover - they want to get product specific information to confirm what they are buying will fulfill their requirements.

We also inbuilt the option for clients to apply for whole sale accounts - which will give them product specific discounts.

From a management angle, we integrated the site with Sage Accounts for quick and easy processing of orders and stock inventory management.


The main features of this site we built for Atlas Lighting are:

  • Integration with Sage Accounts
  • Ability to download orders
  • Option to print packing orders slips
  • Whole sale accounts creation for client specific discounts rates
  • Special offers and discount codes
  • Integration with a secure payment portal
  • Star rating 
  • Product reviews
  • Customers also purchased