Haversbuilt Construction Web Design for Building Company
Wild West style logo and sepia photos mounted on a parchment backdrop make up this home page.

Haverbuilt Construction

Haverbuilt specialise in construction services for both commercial sector and home owners.

The design and style of this website is very unique. The style and approach was in keeping with the client branding and logo design. The old style 'country and western' feel gave this company a unique and very memorable design.

This Custom web design immediately capturers the viewers attention!

The website has two functions. Firstly to inform existing clients about the project they are involved and keeping them  up to date about company news - with the use of news letters and latest projects. The second function of the site is a 'lead generation web design' to help draw users in from the search engines and to contact the client. 

This website does both brilliantly well and achieves amazing results on Googles natural listings.


This custom designed website we built for Haverbuilt includes:

  • A completely custom design and layout
  • Very search engine friendly - to maximise online exposure
  • Full content management system
  • Project area - to post most recent projects and images
  • E-news letter integration for e-news blasts
  • Social media integration