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Are you thinking of using Shopify to create your new online store? Look no further, as Globalgraphics is one of the leading web design companies offering Shopify solutions for businesses in Birmingham and across the UK. As an official partner with Shopify you can expect to work with industry professionals that deliver you with the best results. Our creative team know what makes a Shopify website design look awesome and will put your business way above your competitors.

Shopify has fast become one of big names in the ecommerce industry, powering over 1 million online stores in more than 170 countries. And those numbers continue to grow every single day! The reason why Shopify has become so successful is that it's extremely affordable and very easy to use. It's also possible to get an online store up and running very quickly indeed! Shopify also prides itself on offering its online store owners technical support that's second to none!

With over 18 years experience in creating amazing ecommerce websites, Globalgraphics Web Design should be the first Shopify developer you speak to in Birmingham. We'll help you choose the perfect website design theme for your new Shopify online store, whatever you are thinking of selling online. You can then take advantage of our website theme customisation or modification service to achieve a fantastic personal look and feel for your new website. Call the preferred Shopify Developers to discuss your project today 0121 667 8667.

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We understand that each business has its own specific website needs. That's why we always take time to find out exactly what our customers actually want. Only then can we design and build a Shopify store that not only looks amazing, but works exactly as it should.

Our Shopify developers will of course assist you choose from the thousands of fabulous online store design themes that are available. You really will be spoiled for choice! They will then customise or modify elements of your chosen online store design theme so that it fully fits in with your business model and branding. The results will be awesome!

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Shopify Development

It's not all looks you know! A successful website will also provide customers with all the features they have come to expect when shopping online. We'll help turn your website visitors to actual customers by providing an exciting, seamless browsing and shopping experience. Whatever features you want your new Shopfy website to have, we'll make sure we build them in!

Shopify comes a huge range of extensions and plugins. That means you always have the opportunity to expand your online store and provide even more features for your loyal customers. As one of the most trusted Shopfy ecommerce companies, we'll continue to be there to advise you and help you grow. 

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What you can expect from Globalgraphics...

  • Our experience

    With over 17 years creating ecommerce websites you won't find a better Shopify developer

  • A great ecommerce platform!

    With over 1 million users, Shopify has proven itself to be a market leader!

  • A design you love

    With 1000's of designs to choose from, we'll help you pick the one that perfectly fits the bill

  • The features you want

    Our Shopify developers will build your website with all the features you need

  • Personalised for you

    Your Shopify website will be customised with your company's own unique logo and branding

  • Store management

    We'll fully train you on how to effectively manage your new Shopify store

More about Shopify...

Online Store Themes

Using an online store theme is a great way of keeping your costs down, whilst still having an amazing looking website design. Whatever kind of product or service you want to sell, there will be a superb range of online store themes to choose from for your new Shopify website. 

All online store themes can of course be customised or modified by our Shopify developers. That means that we can alter elements of your chosen theme to achieve the exact look that you're after. Your new website will of course be created to fully compliment your own unique branding. 

Features & Functionality

The Shopify ecommerce platform comes with a great range of back-end functionality and customer features as standard. There are also hundreds of different Shopify extensions and plugins available that can also be built into your online store. Some are free to use, others will need to be purchased for an additional fee.

Our experienced Shopify development team will be able to tell you whether an extension or plugin will needed for the website features or functionality you require. Or, whether the standard version of Shopify will be enough to satisfy your current online requirements.

Website Integration

Your new online store doesn't need to stand alone from your other business processes. Did you know that your new Shopify website can, for example, also be integrated with your external accounts or customers relationship management systems? Let Globalgraphics help streamline the way you operate your online business and make it more effective!

It doesn't stop there! Why not also link your website through to other platforms such as Amazon, Google Marketplace or Ebay? We can help you integrate your data with these external platforms in order to further boost your online sales and help you grow your business much quicker. 

Search Marketing

Online shopping really has exploded in 2020! So, it's time to get your new Shopify online store directly in front of customer's eyes and working for you! If you're new to Search Marketing it would be worthwhile speaking to an industry expert like Globalgraphics to find out more. We have helped hundreds of business successfully promote their businesses online, and we can help you too!

Our Search Engine Optimisation service uses proven techniques to mega boost your website's ranking in the organic search results. Or maybe, you would prefer instant exposure for your website using Google Adwords (or Pay Per Click)? Perhaps Google Re-marketing would be a more effective technique of tempting back potential customers who have already shown an interest in your website? Talk to Globalgraphics today to find out more and what we can do for you!

Training & Support

Before your new Shopify website launches we'll of course make sure that it is fully tested and working as it should. We'll then provide you with an online training session at a time convenient to you. During the training session one of our experienced Shopify developers will demonstrate how you manage all aspects of your online store. At the end of the session you will also have access to training videos, just in case you need to refresh your knowledge.

Once your new online store launches you will be covered by Shopify's extensive customer and technical support services. Should the need for assistance ever arise you'll always have peace of mind that a someone at Shopify will be there to help you via telephone, live chat or email. 

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