Everyone wants a great looking website to showcase their business or organisation.

Example of a Website ThemeNowadays it really is possible to achieve this, whatever kind of budget or timeframe you have. Custom website design, where a website is designed to your exact specifications, sounds great but may not be a viable solution for you.

Designing a website from scratch can take a web design agency quite a lot of time and effort. First of all they’ll create design concepts of the website, and then through a process of customer feedback, creation of more design concepts and then further tweaking of a chosen design concept, a final website design is arrived at. The timescale for this process could be anything from 1 week to several months!

So how about cutting out all of the creative design process and making use of a Website Theme?

A Website Theme is a website ‘template’ that has already been designed by someone else. All you need to do is find a Website Theme that you like the look of (and there are literally thousands upon thousands of them out there for you to choose from) and purchase it from the seller. That Website Theme will then be the ‘design’ that your chosen web design agency uses to build your website.

By using a Website Theme you are in effect bypassing the creative design stages for your website project. The web design agency should, however, be able to modify certain elements of the Website Theme to better suit your needs. All you then need to do is provide the text content and images that you want to be displayed on the various website pages.

The main benefit of using a Website Theme is that your website can be created much more quickly and therefore it reduces your costs. The downside to using a Website Theme is that many other businesses or organisations will be using the same Theme as yours, so you won’t be getting a unique, exclusive website design.