Maintaining your website (Part 2)

Here are 7 more key areas for you to consider and address in order to avoid anything going wrong with your website’s performance…

2 February 2024
Creative team discussing website optimization and performance improvements

Maintaining your website once its launched

Regularly checking and maintaining your website will help ensure you don’t experience any nasty surprises further down the line!

30 January 2024

Writing content for your website

Unless you’re gifted with words, writing up text content for your website can be the stuff of nightmares. Don’t fret, we’ve got some super advice to help you get started and on the right track. Perfect prose is just some keyboard taps away!

7 August 2023

Cautious about using a WordPress Theme?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on WordPress themes, and whether they’re provide good solutions for websites. If you’re still sat on the fence, here we look at the pros and cons of using a WordPress theme…

7 August 2023

Are your WordPress plugins up to date?

Your website works fine…until it doesn’t! Behind the scenes, WordPress and any plugins that your website uses will need regular software updates. Are they out of date?

12 July 2023

Ecommerce trends to watch out for in 2023

The world of ecommerce never stands still. 2023 will see even more improvements to attract customers in and make it easier for them to shop. Here are just a handful…

12 January 2023

How to get ‘Healthcare Website Design’ right

There are quite a few elements that help make a healthcare provider web design successful. Here we look at a good handful to get you on the right track…

14 November 2022

How to reduce the bounce rate of your ecommerce store

You have a lovely ecommerce store, so why are are visitors just up and leaving? Well, alarm bells should be ringing! There’s something not right that’s putting them off…

5 October 2022

10 Good Reasons why you should use the WordPress CMS

And we’re back on the subject of WordPress again! But, what’s not to love about this popular CMS? Here are two handfuls of reasons for you to consider…

5 October 2022