Google AdWords is powerful form of PPC (pay-per-click) marketing which shows targeted advertisements to users searching for specific products, services or using certain keywords. It is a service used by online businesses worldwide and it is one of the simplest forms of digital marketing.

Google AdWords remarketing (or retargeting) is an extension to the PPC model which uses cookies to show your ads to users whilst browsing the web and using sites such as Facebook or YouTube. The principle behind remarketing is that when your ads are shown to past visitors, it will entice them to re-visit your website and perform a desired action. Remarketing can increase conversion rates and sales, providing a higher return-on-investment for your PPC marketing strategy.

Prior visitors are more likely to become customers, repeat customers or complete other actions such as sign up for your newsletter.

How Remarketing Works

By using browser cookies – small pieces of data which are used to track previous visitors – highly targeted ads can be shown to previous visitors to your site. Say, for example, a person visited your website, looked at high heels and then left, a browser cookie could trigger an advertisement relating to these shoes and show it to the person who looked at them.

To take advantage of Google AdWords remarketing, you need to be using Google to advertise through PPC marketing already. By adding little snippets of code to your website, visitors to it will be added to your remarketing audience through these cookies which are fully customisable to correspond with certain pages, products and services.

The main point of remarketing is that you are targeting people who have already demonstrated an interest in your website and thus are more likely to come back with a little persuasion. There are lots of different remarketing strategies and we always recommend consulting PPC agency in Birmingham which will be able to walk you through the process, especially if you have never used Google AdWords before and are targeting an audience in this area.

Starting off with Google AdWords remarketing takes time and begins with your homepage. After a little while, you will be able to expand your remarketing to target more specific audiences by creating different remarketing lists. With remarketing lists, you have the opportunity to get creative and target people based on specific demographics, such as –

• People who have visited your homepage;

• People who have made a purchase;

• People between a certain age range; or

• People who have looked at a specific product or product category;

The Advantages of Remarketing

Remarketing is cost-effective and provides many benefits, enabling you to achieve an impactful frequency through your PPC marketing.

1. More brand exposure

People are more likely to buy from you when they are regularly exposed to your brand. Remarketing exposes people who have already visited your website and this increased exposure means that a potential customer is more likely to choose you for a specific product or service.

2. Increased conversions

The whole point of PPC marketing is to increase traffic to your website and the number of conversions you make. The greater amount of brand exposure leads to higher conversion rates; keeping your brand or service at the front of a previous visitor’s mind increases your chance of making a sale. fret

3. Increased return-on-investment

Higher conversion rates mean that you achieve a return on your investment much quicker, and at a lower per-sale cost. If your increased conversion rate is offset by higher priced clicks, remarketing can deliver an extremely high return-on-investment.

4. Better targeting

Remarketing can be used to target very specific audiences and demographics. If somebody has visited your site, added an item to their basket and then left, for example, you can target this person with a specific advertisement and try to influence their return to your site and completion of the purchase.

5. Cut losses

Remarketing enables brands to re-engage previous visitors, providing you with a second chance to bring a potential customer back to your website and complete the all-important sale. This prevents the loss of leads and keeps the costs of your PPC marketing down.

Remarketing Tagging

For you to be able to show PPC ads to people who have visited your website, you need to add the Google global remarketing site tag to your website and then add event snippets to your website. The remarketing tag is a web tagging library created by Google and event snippets are simple blocks of pre-written code which add your site’s visitors to remarketing lists.

When these visitors have been added to your remarketing lists, you can then target these lists with specific PPC advertisements which will then be shown to visitors falling within certain lists. You could, for instance, create a list for people who added a specific product to their basket and them removed it, and create an ad enticing those people to re-add it to their basket and finalise their purchase.

Combining Remarketing and SEO

When combined with a strong SEO strategy, remarketing can be a powerful way to bring leads back to your website and complete a desired action. Without a strong SEO strategy, however, remarketing will not be as effective.

Locally-targeted SEO is important, and therefore you need to be consulting an SEO agency in Birmingham or a digital marketing agency in Birmingham so that your overall SEO strategy is geared towards a local audience.

SEO for Birmingham is different to SEO for a different area, and the local demographic from city-to-city and even town-to-town can vary dramatically. This has an impact on your overall SEO strategy and choosing the right SEO company in Birmingham which is key – these people will have all the relevant knowledge in regard to the local area, what works and what doesn’t, meaning that your SEO and remarketing campaign will get off to a flying start.