Any digital marketing company in Birmingham will tell you that search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential task for business web design.

It helps rank your WordPress site highly in the Google search results, making it easier to gain access to new consumers and audiences. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a medium-sized company operating in Birmingham, WordPress SEO is important for getting your products and services out there.

In a competitive business environment, finding ways to boost your online presence above the competition goes a long way to winning sales, conversions, and success. If your company site runs on WordPress, let’s talk about some SEO strategies, tactics, and tools you can use to enhance the way your business takes advantage of WordPress.

Choosing and Utilising the Right Keywords

Keyword research is the foundation of search engine optimisation, and it’s more than just using random terms related to your industry. The best SEO companies in Birmingham understand that finding powerful keywords is an active process that may require fine-tuning as your WordPress site continues to operate.

Google Search Suggestions

One of the easiest yet effective ways to search for keywords is to type basic industry terms into Google and allow the search suggestions to give you hints. These suggestions always reflect what other people are searching for, so finding detailed and specific keywords is quick and easy.

For instance, if you sell umbrellas, you’ll find more specific suggestions like “umbrellas for men,” “umbrellas patio,” and “umbrellas for balconies.” Consider using Keyword Tool to scrape results from Google Autocomplete efficiently.


Keyword research is more than just finding the right ones. You usually need data on candidate keywords to see which ones are best for your business.

KWFinder is a useful tool to track statistics on certain keywords, such as cost-per-click, estimated number of visits, and search volume. Use it to find the keywords with the least competition so that you have the best chance of drawing traffic from them.

Online Communities

Community-driven websites like Quora and Reddit are goldmines for finding relevant keywords, especially if your company operates in a niche market. You may find keywords that you won’t find with any other method this way.

Go on Reddit and search for terms related to your industry. Chances are that you’ll find subreddits in your market. Keep an eye out for threads where people are asking a lot of questions and scan them for potential terms that show up consistently.

A headphones manufacturer, for example, might visit the Headphones subreddit to see what models current consumers are looking for and what features matter the most to them.

Writing Impactful Content

Like most websites, WordPress pages rely primarily on page content to drive traffic. There are ways to not only write better content but also optimize it for SEO.

Improving On Other Content

Find a popular webpage or blog post in your industry and aim to improve upon it for your own WordPress site. This common strategy typically generates higher backlink rates and more organic traffic. You can improve on content by:

  • Expanding on the points and making the article longer to provide more value
  • Updating the information so that it applies to the current market
  • Designing the page to look better so that the content looks more professional

Once you have your content, there are some extra SEO steps to get the most out of it.

Maximising Readability

Most online browsers just skim web pages and don’t want to deal with large walls of text. Use short, digestible paragraphs, convenient lists, and consistent headers to keep your bounce rate low and increase your Google rankings.

Adding visual elements is an important step, as images, infographics, videos, and even interactive elements contribute to an excellent page ranking.

Optimising Page Elements

When you work with an SEO agency in Birmingham, you’ll learn that even parts of the website that you don’t think about can impact SEO. From your links to even your URLs, there is some work to be done within the WordPress page editor to get the most out of search engine optimisation.

Making URLs Consistent

Did you know that WordPress allows you to customise the names of your page URLs? When you get a chance to try it out, think about choosing short URLs, which typically rank higher. Don’t forget to put a keyword in there as well. Studies show that keywords in URLs increase organic click-through rates.

Generating Authoritative Links

How do you make your page seem trustworthy in the field to search engines? Use outbound links to other sites with a lot of authority in the market.

Using Tools To Your Advantage

Doing SEO for a Birmingham business doesn’t have to be a solo operation. Check out the variety of tools out there.

Google Search Console

This powerful and free-to-use option from Google tracks your WordPress site’s performance metrics and helps you understand where your business is in the results.

For example, you can submit sitemaps to help search crawlers understand your website better. You can also see the best keywords to use and find and fix site errors.


Here’s one specific to WordPress. The Yoast plugin is the most popular one for SEO purposes. Your company can deal with the technical aspects of SEO, such as XML sitemaps, structured data, and site crawling, more thoroughly through this analytical plugin.

The user interface is conveniently understandable, providing a green or red light depending on whether your page fulfills an aspect of WordPress SEO, such as having images and outbound links.

Need Help With Your SEO Strategy? We Can Help

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