December 2019. Who would have thought that in just a few months time, much of the UK population would be forced to work from their own homes?

COVID-19 had an immediate impact on the UK’s workforce and continues to do so. So how has it affected the web design industry? Well, to be honest the demand for websites has gone through the roof. In this article we look at how we as one of Birmingham’s most established web design companies have had to adapt to the new working situation.

A stop to in-person meetings

One of the first activities that had to stop, was meeting customers face to face. Before COVID-19 we would regularly see customers looking for web design services at our Birmingham offices, or call out to see them at theirs around the West Midlands.

Like all other web design companies, our staff had to get to working from home permanently. New technologies that could help us operate effectively, with a surge in demand for our services, were quickly sourced and implemented.

Quickly adapting was key

For most of us, working from home albeit a dream pre COVID-19, came as a bit of a shock. Luckily our team members have had the opportunity to do so for several years now. We just needed to ensure that incoming phone calls could still continue from our Birmingham offices, and that online meeting software technology was robust enough for our requirements.

On hindsight, we adapted well to our ‘new’ working environment and ways of working. Which was very much thanks to our flexible team and their willingness to accept change.

So how does it now work for new customers?

For new customers, the only limitation is that we cannot see you face-to-face. We know that this is a  inconvenience to some, who would prefer to sit down face to face to discuss how their website will be created. But using technology such as Zoom, you can be sure of connecting with not only with a friendly face, but someone who knows the web design industry inside and out.

New customers can expect to receive the best possible advise on how to take their projects forward. We offer various pricing options to accommodate everyone, and most of the time will provide you with a detailed quote for us to undertake your project.

Moving forward with your new website

It may seem scary investing in a website with a company that you have only spoken to on the phone, or shared a Zoom meeting with. But, take a look at our Google Reviews and view the clients we work with in our online portfolio. You really will not find a more reputable, experienced and reliable web design company to work with!

When we begin your project you’ll immediately be invited to join Basecamp, our project management system. You will be able to send messages to our team members through Basecamp, upload content that you want to appear on your website, even preview your website as its being designed and built. Don’t forget that we are always just a phone call away too.

What about existing customers?

Our existing customers have been kept briefed every step of the way on any changes to our working practices. To be honest, they know it really is ‘business as usual’ with them being able to phone us, email or participate in an online meeting.

For those customers experiencing technical issues with their websites, we continue to run our reliable support system. Once a support ticket has been logged, the customer is contacted by one of our highly trained tech support staff and  the issue resolved.

And the future?

Most of us have adapted to these strange times, working from home and using new technologies to do our work. Working remotely has proven to be a success for us as a company in many ways. It has made us realise that we can be just as effective in the services we offer and customer care we provide. It’s also made us appreciate more how important the work/life balance is.