With all that’s going on in these turbulent times, it’s essential to have things in place that makes things as easy as possible for customers to do business with you.

When it comes to paying invoices, your customers may not have access to the regular payment channels they normally use. Here’s a solution that’s easy to put in place which will give your customers another way to pay you.

Take debit and credit card payments

Having a payment gateway on your website means that customers can easily pay you any time of day using their debit or credit cards. It allows you an additional way to quickly receive deposit payments and outstanding invoice payments.

How does it work?

Your chosen web design and development company will build the facility into your existing website. They will integrate that facility with a third-party payment gateway provider. When a customer enters their information, invoice number and payment card details they will then be immediately connected to the payment gateway provider who will process the payment transaction.

Why do I need a third-party payment gateway provider?

Any website that takes debit or credit card payments legally has to provide safe and secure payment processing. This is overseen by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) who ensures that each website taking payments is PCI compliant. That’s where authorised payment gateway providers come in.

So, who are these providers?

There are many payment gateway providers to choose from. You are probably familiar with some such as WorldPay, Sage Pay and PayPal. PayPal is a world favourite, as its easy to set up an account to get up and running. We also use PayPal on our website and have found them incredibly reliable with great customer service.

Does PayPal charge you?

Yes. PayPal will charge you for each transaction they process from your website. You are looking at a fee of between 3 and 4% for every transaction. This fee is one of the lowest rates you’ll find among the other payment gateway providers.

And how do I get the money from PayPal?

You simply log into your PayPal account and move the money across into your bank account. You can choose to have the money credited straight away for an additional small fee, or have a standard transfer to your bank account, free of charge, which takes about 2 days.

How long would it take to get all this setup on my website?

Very quickly. Between 2 and 3 days. You would have to setup your PayPal account which takes about 20 minutes. You then let us know your PayPal details and we build this into the website. Hey presto… you’re all set-up to take payments straight away!

And the cost?

We can build a payment gateway into your existing website from £350 plus VAT, and there are no reoccurring costs from either us or PayPal.

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