A Quick Lesson

First of all let me start by explaining what HTML is. Hypertext Markup Language – HTML, is the language in which websites are written. The HTML is what you are looking at right now known as the “Front-End.” It is how web developers create websites. An Internet browser, such as Google ChromeMozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer is the program that reads the HTML and displays it as a website.

A Few Good Reasons

You are reading this article so obviously you want to know why you should upgrade your browser?

  • Generally anything to with computing needs updating/upgrading from time to time. Updates can patch holes in previous versions of the software
  • Older browsers do not recognise new adaptions of the HTML language and therefore will not support many modern techniques for building websites
  • Older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 are security risks. Savvy developers have learnt to exploit flaws in these browsers
  • Generally you will be missing out on new features such as tabbed browsing meaning you can have multiple websites open in the same window
  • It is totally free to upgrade your browser, there are quite a few on offer these days and all out perform older versions of Internet Explorer
  • More and more developers are stopping supporting older browsers altogether, keeping with the same old browser means websites will appear broken

What Browsers are Available?

There is now a much wider choice of internet browser to choose from, here are some Globalgraphics recommendations, more information is available on the respective websites:

We hope this article has gone some way in demystifying the arguement to upgrade your browser.