I’m sure that your Granny thinks that Artificial Intelligence (AI) only exists in the science-fiction films that she used to watch on TV.

Whilst this used to be true, AI is now very much a real thing and is increasingly being implemented across a variety of industries.

Modern technological developments like blockchain software, suggested movies on Netflix or suggested songs on Spotify all make use of AI technologies and affect you on nearly a daily basis.

More relevantly to web developers, the role of AI in website development has grown immensely. AI has seen its role in web development grow exponentially simply because it makes the life of a web developer so much easier.

Web Developers are tasked with the job of developing sites that are secure, scalable, and filled to the brim with features. They also have to ensure that their website provides only the best of experiences for its users, ensuring that their experienced is somehow personalised or individually tailored. And to top it all off, they have to design a website that looks good because if it doesn’t then nearly two fifths of users will leave it immediately.

This all sounds like a bit of a handful and its exactly why AI is becoming so popular within website development.

AI technologies can be implemented to the development of a website to help deliver a more personalised and, well put simply, a better user experience. AI software is able to analyse the search history and location of individual users to determine their social demographic, their likes, and to ultimately determine what they’re looking for and why they’re on your site.

Once the AI knows what your users are looking for, it hands it right to them and suggests other stuff that it thinks they might like. How easy is that?

AI can even contribute towards the aesthetic design of the website. It will pick out appropriate colour schemes, fonts and overall design themes for your website based off of popular websites similar to yours. Of course, web designers may still wish to do this themselves but a bit a bit of inspiration isn’t going to hurt.

The development of virtual assistants, that provide around-the-clock support for website users, is also made possible by the inclusion of AI within web design. This helps to further the focus upon user-experience and provides a level of customer service made possible only by robots.

So, there you have it. AI actually is real and its playing an increasingly important role in the development of websites and the internet as a whole.