WordPress, aka “the world’s most popular website builder” recently released a new and updated version of its website building platform.

Whilst the claim that they are the “most popular” website builder might be contested, they are responsible for the creation of 43% of the web. So, any update to their platform is worth discussing.

Released on 24 May 2022, the 6th version of WordPress has been named after famous the jazz musician, Arturo O’Farrill. Why? Well it’s something to do with trying to tap into and harness the creative intuition of users. Evidently Arturo’s contemporary music encourages the same with his listeners.

As the second major release of 2022, the improved package boasts nearly 1,000 enhancements and bug fixes.

Carry on reading below for a breakdown of what these new features actually include and don’t worry, it has come straight from the horse’s mouth.

Enhanced Writing Experience

WordPress have aimed to include a number of ways that “streamline” the content creation process, including

  • Enabled text selection across multiple blocks for easier copying and pasting.
  • New shortcuts, such as “[ [“ to quickly access a list of recent posts and pages.
  • Ability for users to keep existing styles when transforming blocks from one kind to another.
  • Customised buttons that retain your styles automatically
  • Some new outline styles for tag clouds and social icons.

Style Switching

Within the new package, you are able to include multiple style variations within the same block theme. This enables developers to better fine tune the unique style of their site; for instance, users can now adjust features such as the font-weight or colour palette whilst keeping with one singular theme.

More Template Choices

Five new template options for block themes have been included within the update. As a result, content creators are afforded a “greater flexibility” with their design choices.

Integrated Patterns

The integration of patterns within features such as the quick inserter or when creating a new header/footer, means that patterns will now appear whenever you need them. This will be a helpful addition to make the platform less fiddly and more efficient to use.

Additional Design Tools

Highlights of these brand spanking new tools include:

  • New colour panel design
  • New border controls
  • Transparency Levels for your colours
  • A group block tool, in which you are able to control things like gaps, margins, typography.
  • Improved layout flexibility, enabling users to switch between stack, row, and group variations of design.
  • A new and improved Gallery block tool that enables the creation of different looks through the use of gaps and spaces in-between text and/or images.

Better List View

Blocks can now be selected and modified in bulk through the addition of new keyboard shortcuts that enable developers to multi-select blocks and drag and drop them into lists. These lists automatically open whenever a block is selected but can easily be closed at the user’s convenience.

Block Locking Controls

Blocks can now be locked to ensure that no one accidentally turns your website upside down. This is particularly useful for developer-client handovers.

Improved Performance & Accessibility

The new and updated package serves to improve the platforms loading speeds, execution time and overall efficiency, allowing the developers to truly let their creative juices flow without having to deal with the frustration of a lagging platform.

Additionally, the “Arturo” update includes over 50 updates that specifically focus upon improving the accessibility of the platform. These can be read about in greater detail on WordPress’ site here.

When in doubt whether a WordPress upgrade to your current website could makes things go adrift, it’s best to call us here at Globalgraphics Web Design. Many websites now make use of additional WordPress ‘plugins’ which may not be compatible with the latest WordPress upgrades. We’re help to help and make sure that any new upgrades don’t effect the performance of your website!