So you’ve made the decision that your website is in need of an upgrade and you want it to look professional.

Selecting the best web design company for your new website.Now comes the dilemma of determining the best web design agency in Birmingham for your business. And believe me there are a lot of web design companies out there!

Some companies charge low prices but don’t seem to offer much. Meanwhile at the other end of the scale other companies offer up a superb product, but naturally at a professional price. So just how are you supposed to decide? Here’s some food for thought to help you decide on a company to work with…

What to Look For in a Web Design Agency in Birmingham

You’ll want to choose a design company that helps you reach your specific goals. You also want them to help in your efforts when it comes to reaching your target market.

You want to be able to trust the person to deliver pristine graphic design consistently. A designer who can bring all the pieces of the business together to create a cohesive, eloquent message. The best website design agency in Birmingham will always showcase their past work.

A Web Designer Who is Committed

You will want a web designer who is talented and someone you can work with. You want to ensure that they are willing to get your site looking the way you want it to. A web design agency in Birmingham is going to be more likely to stand behind their work and go beyond, as opposed to finding a guy online who builds websites. A reputable company who hires the best web designers are going to ensure they’re held accountable for getting the site completed on time.

A Web Designer that’s organised

Choose a web design agency in Birmingham that has a project management strategy in place. You should always be in the know where their creative process is going for your project. They should always be open with you about how they work and what results they are achieving.

You should also expect to get reports about progress so find out how they plan to communicate with you. You should really know what to expect and how long things are going to take so you can plan out your own business strategies.

An Agency that Keeps Up With Technology

Proactive web design agencies in Birmingham will keep up with the constant evolution of technology when it comes to web design. They should understand on-site SEO and work around it to ensure your site not only looks great but also functions well.

A pretty important example of this is that a web designer understands your site must function well as a mobile site. Even more importantly is that apple devices make up 65% of the mobile traffic coming to any given site. An agency should know this and therefore focus on optimising your site for Apple devices. There are many trends that come up all the time, make sure you have a company who displays their ability to move with the times.

Effective Collaboration Between You and Them 

You know your business and a web designer knows theirs. When you come together and collaborate effectively, a compelling website is the result. A website design company in Birmingham should listen to your ideas so they can put them into action. They should also have their own ideas because you are not the expert in web design, they are.

You know your business, but web designers know about all the latest advances in website design. They should be willing to share that knowledge with you instead of taking on a passive roll of a ‘yes’ man.

They have a Marketing Department Backing up their Web Designers

Any reputable web designer in Birmingham should have a marketing department that works closely with their web designers. The agency should also have inbound digital marketing and SEO expertise. Copy-writing and content management is such an integral part of any website.

An eye-catching site is one part of a whole package. You need a site that is going to attract your target audience so you can sell things or get your message across. Without the marketing aspect of the website, it’s not going to offer you the sales conversions you’re really after.

You Like the Work They’ve Done

The best website design agency Birmingham will happily show off the vast array of projects that they’ve completed. If you like the way their work looks, that’s a good indication that you’ll be happy with what they do for you. They should also be able to show you samples of websites that are similar to your industry.

As you source out the website design agencies in your area, take note of what you felt when you went onto their website. If you don’t like to the way that they’ve represent themselves, chances are you won’t appreciate the style of website they create for you.

Are They In Line With Your Budget?

When it comes to working with the best web design firm in Birmingham, you really do need to keep the bottom line in mind. If the agency can match your budget, that’s great. If they go slightly over but have proven to you that your site has the potential to bring you more business, you may want to pay that extra.

The last thing you should do is opt for the cheaper version. Solo web designers and some not-so established web design agencies may not meet your expectations. They may eventually stop making changes even if you’re not satisfied.

A Web Design Agency in Birmingham that is Well Established

A well-established website design agency in Birmingham brings a lot of experience to your project. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar business or an online store, they will understand your on-line needs. They have a deep understanding of creating on-line businesses and have probably done a website within your industry before.

Their longevity in the industry proves that they have provided clients with valuable services. They will likely have a lot of testimonials to back up who they are and what they’re capable of. In the fast paced industry of online business, it’s not always easy to find a stable company that will be there to finish your project.  A well-established agency gives you peace of mind that they’ll be there tomorrow.

Find a website design agency in Birmingham that will go the extra mile and is well-known to over deliver on their services. You will likely get the feeling in the first meeting whether a website designer is going to put up obstacles. Things like fussing over copyright or saying that your vision isn’t possible.

By choosing the best web design agency Birmingham has to offer, you can expect a long partnership. They will ensure that your website will look appealing and represent your company’s brand.