One of the major dilemmas faced by any company is the question of whether or not to hire an in-house digital marketing team.

It’s no secret that we live in a digitised day and age, and no business can hope to survive without some level of online marketing.

But the question of whether said digital marketing should be coordinated by an internal team or an external agency is a complicated one.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of reasons why your company should consider either an in-house or external digital marketing team. This list is designed to show you what your business needs to consider before making that decision.

The Case for an In-House Digital Marketing Team

1: They understand digital marketing in your industry

Perhaps one of the most clear-cut advantages of an in-house digital marketing team is how familiar they are with marketing.

And it’s not just the fact that it offers you the option to hire marketers with experience in the very specific industry that your company operates within. It’s also the fact that they will gain extensive, personal first-hand knowledge of just what it is that makes your particular company unique.

This personalized experience makes it easier for them to create marketing plans that are compatible with your business goals.

2: Their focus is on your marketing goals

Should you hire an external ad agency, chances are that they’ll have a fair number of other clients. This may result in your digital marketing plan not receiving the attention it deserves.

An in-house digital marketing team focuses fully on marketing your business and your business alone. This ensures both faster delivery and a clearer, more singular point of focus for your team.

And when multiple projects relating to your business’s digital marketing do arise, your team will know which ones to prioritize first.

3: Communication & input

Many of us who own businesses like to feel like we’re being kept up to speed on how projects are developing, how our business is progressing, and everything related to the day-to-day.

An in-house marketing team is always available to discuss your projects because their primary focus is working on them.

The Case for External Agencies.

1: They are masters of digital marketing

There are plenty of tremendously talented marketers out there looking to work for companies like yours. However, a company that specialises in digital marketing is likely to have many experienced marketing veterans working for their team.

In contrast, your company may have none. This expertise is invaluable as it can provide your company with access to new strategies that will translate to a higher ROI and increased KPIs.

When hiring an external digital marketing agency, you’re getting access to this experience and expertise. Think of it like choosing to hire a plumber rather than fix that leaky tap yourself – both are certainly possible, but one is much more likely to be a thorough job.

2: They offer cost-effective marketing solutions

Outsourcing your digital marketing can save your company a lot of time and money. While your digital marketing services are an expense, the expertise you’re paying for can increase your sales.

Another thing to consider is the salary you will pay for each employee. Full-time employees require more job security, a fixed salary, and sometimes benefits and other perks. An external marketing agency may work on a month-to-month or on a project basis. This provides your business with additional flexibility that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

3: They have a unique perspective that you may not have.

While in-house marketers might have greater insight into your company, they also have a skewed perspective. Working within a single company, in a single industry, can stifle creativity and limit the pool of inspiration one can draw upon.

External digital marketing agencies who work with a wide variety of clients may have a unique perspective on how to approach your marketing strategy. Digital marketers from external agencies can draw upon the extensive inspiration offered to them by both their own past work in various industries and the general trends of the marketing world.

They can draw on this experience to influence your digital marketing campaigns. This gives them the sort of flair and originality that more limited experience just doesn’t allow for.

Looking for Digital Marketing? Let’s Chat

The question of whether or not to develop an in-house digital marketing team is very much dependent on the nature of your particular business and what you envision for it. It’s a decision only you can make.

But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one to make.

If you do decide that digital marketing is something that you’d prefer to outsource, you can count on Globalgraphics to provide thorough marketing plans that convert.

We’ve been helping businesses throughout the United Kingdom develop marketing strategies for over ten years. Our digital marketing experts will ensure that your company gets the sort of digital representation that it needs to survive in the internet age.

And best of all? You won’t even notice that we’re an external agency. We take the time to understand your business and to fit in with your internal systems. Ready to chat? Contact us today on 0121 667 8667.