Where many businesses fail with their e-commerce websites, is the way that they display their products. If you have invested in e-commerce website design, then it’s essential that your on-line store showcases the products that you’re selling to their best advantage.

It’s not just all about price you know! Customers will want to know exactly what they are buying, even if the price is good. Don’t assume that your customers know what the product looks like. Each product that you sell on your website should have a clear close-up picture. Even better if you can show the product from different angles in different pictures. And better still if you can provide the customer with ‘zoom in’ functionality to allow them to scrutinise the product further. When a customer goes to a regular store they can pick the product up, and examine it closely. On-line they will rely on you (the website owner) to provide them with a satisfactory alternative.

Next up is to describe each product that you sell in as much detail as you can. Again, don’t assume that a customer knows the specifications of product. Provide the customer with details such as what the product is used for, its dimensions, its manufacturer’s model number, colours it’s available in, etc. The customer will appreciate this information that you provide as they can then feel confident in purchasing that product.

There are many more techniques that you can use to further assist customers in their purchasing decisions. For example, if you run an on-line clothing store you can allow the customer to view individual garments in the different colours available, by them simply clicking colour swatches. An on-line store selling exercise equipment, for example, can provide mini video clips on how their equipment works.

Be creative in the way you display your products on-line, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised what impact it’ll have on your sales.