When you take the time to improve the design and layout of your e-commerce website you can sure to see valuable benefits.

Naturally the biggest to you will be an increase in sales conversions on your website. Sounds interesting? Then it’s probably a good time to look around for Ecommerce designers who can reconstruct your site to attract and gain those sales. Don’t forget too that SEO and social media is important for getting people to come to your site.

Did you know that 45% of consumers will base the value of your company on how your site looks? Your website is a huge part of your reputation. If your site doesn’t stimulate the senses of people, 38% of them will just leave. Regardless of your product and services, if your site isn’t up to par, you’re missing out on sales. Firstly, you’ll have to plan out how you want to convey your message. Working with top ecommerce designers can help you with this process. Then you’ll have the direction to execute these steps and increase sales.

Research, Research and Research!

Most of us don’t really know how to critique our own website. This is why many businesses that are dedicated to on-line growth will seek out the best ecommerce designers in the UK. Website optimisation isn’t luck of the draw, there is actually a system to getting it done properly. For a real understanding of what’s happening to your site, there are sources that give you the information. Traffic insights can be found through Google Analytics. Once you know where people are leaving and what the trends are saying about how usable your site is, optimisation can begin.

The Importance of A/B Testing

Once it’s established what discrepancies are on your website, you can work with top ecommerce designers to do A/B testing. Again, this is tedious work that shouldn’t be left to chance. Having experts who can compare design features against one another will ensure optimisation. They can measure how the user feels about the design through analysis. Adjustments are made to see how customers are responding. The sales funnel and design features will be adjusted time and time again until there is a significant change in sales. This is a very specific method to improve sales conversions and really imperative part of the process for website optimisation.

Keep It Simple!

If you hire ecommerce designers, they will try to sway you to keep things simple on your website. That means directing customers through their shopping experience through easy to make choices. Having a lot of white, empty space on your website can also help, believe it or not. White space actually increases people’s ability to comprehend what they’re seeing by 20% according to a study. This small detail can increase how well visitors understand the information being shown to them and how they navigate through the website.

Keep also in mind that the more choices a person has, the longer it takes for them to make a decision. This can deter the impulse buyer which is a big chunk of the market. Too many options might be hurting your sales conversions. Leave customers with less choices to make within the navigation bar. Reduce any obstacles that pull customers away from the purchase page. This is a simple step to increase conversions on your site.

Optimise the Checkout Process

Once you’ve got your customer to the page where they checkout and pay, it’s a disaster waiting to happen if you’ve made it unclear in any way. A difficult to use checkout process not only deters customers from buying at the moment, but they will more than likely not come back to your site. The design form needs to be well thought out which is usually why business owners will hire top ecommerce designers for this. There has to be a specific order. Buttons and fields need to be very clear so wording is essential. This takes a lot of planning and knowing the inside of your customers thought process and needs.

Some recent research has looked at why people abandon their cart. There are estimates that almost 58.6% of e-commerce website visitors are just browsing and not actually ready to buy. As you can see, this leaves a small percentage of legitimate buyers. The study also found that 28% of buyers will abandon the cart if the process isn’t clear.

Ensure Your Site Has Fast Loading Pages

If you have ever been on a website that is slow, you know how frustrating it is. You want to provide traffic that comes to your site with a good experience. If your site is slow, it’s likened to bad customer service in a High Street shop. A slow website is greatly reducing your conversion rate. One second page loading delays cost you a 7% reduction.

There may be too many bells and whistles working in the background to make your site look pretty. The best ecommerce designers in the UK can analyze what is causing slow loading pages and fix it. This will show an increase in conversions very quickly. A great site that looks good matters but its functionality is just as essential.

What Colours Work Best

Work together with ecommerce designers to figure out what colours best present your company to the world. Colour says so much without saying a word and utilising this aspect does a lot for you without causing clutter. Colour speaks to people at a subconscious level and is a powerful tool you shouldn’t overlook.

There is also contrast that needs to be considered. The things that matter most to sales conversions like text, headlines and call to action buttons should be the first thing customers notice. This is a strategic process that can be broken down by experts in the field.

Need Help?

Then it’s time to talk to the e-commerce experts in Birmingham. With over 20 years experience our web design company in Birmingham can get your e-commerce website perfect for customers and boost your on-line sales!