It’s a brand-New Year full of opportunities that can help you better hone in on the right type of customers, win those customer’s loyalty and boost your credibility.

Don’t you just love New Year pep talks? But, seriously, if you’re keen to make 2023 a better year sales-wise, why not start getting together an achievable digital marketing strategy for your business right now?

Digital marketing is huge as we already know. Every day we are bombarded on the Internet, via online media platforms and other technologies by businesses promoting all sorts of products and services. This type of marketing really is the way forward; it’s both easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes to tap into. The world really is your oyster if you’re prepared to get stuck in and try.

As always, we’ve been keeping a close eye on digital marketing trends and have pulled together a handful of those which we think will continue to make it big in 2023. Whatever your business specialises in, these online marketing tactics could certainly achieve the attention you need and boost your sales!

Social Media

Top of the list, as it sure isn’t going away! If you’re not using social media channels as part of your digital marketing campaign, well…. you’re absolutely bonkers! Everyone continues to be engrossed in the highly digestible information provided by social media channels, and these channels are THE place to target customers.

If you’re budget conscious, you don’t have to spend a penny either to get your brand and message out there to the public. It’s quick and easy to set-up profiles for your business, and within a few days you could be in the swing of creating posts and perhaps even video clips. Take it up a notch with some careful expenditure and you could be reaping the rewards targeting the exact audience you want.

Short video content

Staying in the vein of social media, people are becoming addicted to watching short video clips. That’s why there’s been the phenomenal growth of TikTok and Facebook Reels, for example. It’s great to have short video clips on your business website too, as this is an effective way to show who you are and what you specialise. But why not take one step further and take your video to social media platforms where your customers are spending their time?

If this all sounds a bit out of your league, then take steps to familiarise yourself with how others have approached creating videos. What videos appeal to you and have the most impact. Would those formats work for your business? Practice makes perfect, so don’t be scared to try experimenting with your own videos. It’s a lucrative market out there, so make the most of it!


And back again with social media! Top Influencers can hold celebrity status, and brands that choose to work with these people often see amazing returns on their investments. We certainly haven’t seen the back of the power Influencers have on people’s decision making. But would an Influencer help in promoting your product on social media channels, and would your investment pay off?

If you choose the right Influencer to work with, who has the right personality and relevant audience to showcase your product to, then the answer could be a big YES, but get it wrong and it could well be a damage limitation exercise.

Employee Advocacy

So you’re already stuck into your social media campaign, but how can you further demonstrate your business’s authenticity and credibility? It may sound like crossing the line of course, but by tapping into the power of your work force’s social media accounts could be just what you’re looking for.

That’s what Employee advocacy is all about; it’s a way of engaging and encouraging people who work for you to proactively share news on behalf of your business. It’s becoming increasingly popular digital marketing tactic too, as businesses realise how powerful and effective employees’ personal profiles are compared to their own profiles.

Email Marketing

It may sound old hat, but email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful marketing techniques. Used in conjunction with your website, you can retain the interest and boost loyalty of customers you already have, and lure in those potential customers that have already shown an interest.

Email marketing really is a brilliant way of driving customers back to your website. Whether you want to announce the arrival of new products, or a sales or promotion event, it’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to communicate.