Article writing is a great way of promoting your business website.

But the thought of writing an article can be a complete nightmare. Two of the main blocks to being creative are nagging thoughts that your article won’t be good enough and that no-one will read it. My advice – forget these and get stuck right in!

People surfing the net will want to read all types of articles about all kinds of things – from the ‘side effects of eating too many acai berries’ (which I read today!) to the ‘fascinating world of microscrews’ (which I actually wrote for a client this week!). You name a subject – there will be an article there!

When you actually get started on your article always keep the reader in mind. Will they be able to understand what you are telling them? Is your choice of words pitched at the right level? Also remember to keep your sentences short and make sure your grammar is good.

Your article should also be keyword rich – but not overbearing! Keywords, or search phrases, are what potential readers are using to find your article. Make sure you choose appropriate and relevant keywords to help them do this. Concerning the main text body of your article I would suggest between 400 – 600 words. You should be able to achieve this quite easily if you are writing about a subject you know well.

Don’t also forget to give your article a succinct title (that contains a keyword) and a brief summary of what your article is about. Happy writing!