Well the obvious answers maybe very simple ‘yes – because all my competitors are doing it’ as we need to ‘go with the flow’   

The word ‘flow’ may may have a much deeper impact than first thought, as social media is just that: a flow of information, data, stories, movies, etc through a network.

Today, the Marketing environment is very different from 10 years ago, where paid advertising was the norm and everyone was fighting to get a certain page spot. Today, perhaps we are still fighting to get on a specific page, but this time it is a social media or twitter page.

We need to think carefully about our social media strategy and what we are looking to achieve. Social media can be very rewarding for a company but it also has its pitfalls too. If your brand, message or customer service has left your consumer unhappy then, then sadly the ‘flow’ of information can be very detrimental. You only have to think about the amount of times you stop to read a ‘product’ review online before you purchase? Did we really do this 10 years ago? OK, we may have researched a little and asked a few people but now we read all the reviews which influences our final purchase decision.

Globalgraphics can work with clients to help them achieve a solid social media strategy, from carrying out Search Engine Optimisation on their website to setting up social media links.