Do you remember the days when websites were just another ‘new thing’ to have?

The designs were dreadful. Horrendous amateurish animation. Web pages chock-a-block full of text and images and whatever else could be squeezed on.  A full on overflowing feast to the eyes. How times have changed!

Nowadays ‘less’ is best. Don’t just take my word for it. Visit any of the big name websites, such as M & S, Next and BT, for example, and you’ll see they’ve all opted for less cluttered designs. And of course, there’s a reason behind this you know.

Prona Tools is an example of minimalist website designWith the zillions of websites out there clambering for attention, us web users have become quite picky about those websites where we’ll stop and browse. Within just a few seconds of landing on a new website we’ll assess whether we stay or go. And a website’s design, look and feel will be a major factor in what decision we make.

Websites that have been designed with a ‘minimalist’ look and feel tend to make us feel more at ease, and more in control. I know that sounds silly, but we won’t feel overloaded with too much information and other stimulate. Our eyes will be drawn to that what matters – the products, or services that we are looking for. The minimalist style website design will have been crafted to guide us on ‘where to go next’ in the easiest, hassle free way. Before we know it we have been cleverly sucked into the website and of course getting more interested.

Many of these minimalist websites use something called ‘white space’. Basically, this means that white is used as padding and a predominant backdrop. It makes the website look clean, modern, fresh and uncluttered. It also helps focus our attention on what the website wants to tell you about.

Minimalist websites often use graphical navigation methods. Navigation buttons consisting of carefully chosen images again help us choose where to go next in the website. Browsing becomes interesting and visually engaging. We stay on the website, which is of course the ultimate objective of the website owner.