Similar to any other industry, the trends that push the design features of new websites are changing.

So, if you think you might need to redevelop your existing website, or you think you’re going to need to develop a new website in 2022 then listen up. Here are the top 10 web design trends we expect to see in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence and BOTs

AI and BOTS are becoming increasingly prominent in our day-day lives. Netflix and Spotify already use them to get you to keep watching or listening by recommending new content that they think you’ll like.

The beauty is you can start using AI and BOTs to do that for you and your website. You can use it to recommend new content, ensure that your site shows only what your users want to see and even to help you best pick the actual design of your website. AI is a relatively new but vital tool that will help ensure your website provides your users with the best possible user experience.

3D Design

Just like with AI, the development of technology has made it much easier for web-designers to incorporate 3D design features within their sites.

The grandeur of a 3D design can contribute towards making your website more eye-catching and even more advanced. But be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you’ll risk turning your site into an unwanted optical illusion.

Dark & Light Effects

You’ll likely have already come across this kind of feature on your iPhone or iPad. It’s often referred to as ‘Light and Dark Mode’ and is a feature that enables users to switch between effects as they choose.

It will provide your site with an element of personalisation and from a more practical standpoint, may make it easier to read dependent on the time of day.


Animations provide a great way to expand the type of content on your site. If a picture can speak 1000 words, imagine how many words an animation could speak?

Consider using them instead of paragraph after paragraph of text to help keep your users engaged. They can be a great alternative to video’s as they won’t negatively impact your sites loading speed as much as a video.

Video Content

Similar to animations, they can help convey your brands message or information in a method away from that of simply just text.

A video of your brands particular product or service can often prove to be a much more effective way of marketing your services away from that of just a typical bog-standard description. Take the Oakville Stone website we designed as an example

The inclusion of YouTube links and Videos within your site can also help to bump it up the Google search engine rankings.

Unusual Fonts and Loud Typography

Including some unusual font styles into your web pages can grab the attention of visitors. But, be careful, sometimes, certain whacky and unusual fonts are hard to read.

Loud typography can also help to immediately grab users’ attention towards important pieces of content and they’re also an effective way of GETTING A MESSAGE ACROSS!

Minimal Design

You know how smart the Apple website looks? That’s probably the best explanation for minimalism that we can give you. They use a small number of some very well designed features to draw its user’s attention towards the key content, in a clean and modern look.

We expect to see more of this in 2022.

Gradient Colours

This feature pairs very well with that of minimal design. The inclusion of a complex, yet pleasing, combination of colours can provide even the simplest of webpages with an attractive and enticing look.

Be careful not to overdo it, and to ensure that the colours in the gradient match that of your brand.

Split Design Layout

This is a bold and refreshing approach to web design and is arguably the best way to present your users with two separate or contrasting messages on the same webpage.

Typically, this layout involves the dissection of a webpage, with each half comprised of contrasting design elements.

Enlarged Elements

Enlarged elements are almost identical to loud typography, in that they are a highly effective way of directing your user’s attention, to deliver important messages and to convey the overall brand of your website to its users.