WordPress is a great choice for website owners looking for a secure and relatively straightforward content management system.

Many people around the world think so too, as it powers over 40% of websites, that around 800 million of them! There are also a huge number or WordPress plugins available that can further bump up the features and functionality on a website. You name it, there’s a WordPress plugin that’s got you covered! Some are free to use, others will cost you a yearly subscription fee.

WordPress is a constantly evolving platform, and any website that uses it really has to keep up to date with the latest software releases. That goes for any WordPress software plugins being used on the website too. WordPress plugin developers are always seeking out ways to further enhance their software and make them more secure to use. This is of course great, but means that website owners have to be vigilant and continually check that the plugins their website use aren’t outdated.

If your website is your business workhorse then keeping ahead of the game with your plugins will be essential. Below are just a handful of reasons why…

Hackers and Security Risks

Unfortunately there are still malicious people out there who’s sole aim is to find security vulnerabilities on websites. These hackers are intent in damaging your website’s functionality, accessing sensitive data, or even bringing your website down. Hackers hope that website owners are still using old versions of not only plugins, but WordPress, themes, and apps – all of which are easy targets for them.

Plugin developers are constantly on the lookout to resolve any security issues with their software. Keeping all software plugins on your website updated with the latest releases will be the best way to prevent hackers gaining access and doing you harm.

Compatibility issues

WordPress releases updated versions of its platform several times a year. These versions often contain new features or enhancements, and will also tackle any potential security flaws. As soon as a new release comes out, it’s good advice to upgrade your website. But always err on the side of caution if your website uses plugins. Occasionally a newer version of WordPress may have compatibility issues with some plugins, which could impact on your website’s functionality. Normally plugin developers will keep up with WordPress and release software updates themselves to combat any potential compatibility problems.

Missing out on Enhancements

As mentioned above, plugin developers are always looking at ways to make their software even better, as well more secure. Keeping your website updated with the latest plugin versions may help improve functionality and provide you with even better features. These will not only benefit you, but provide better experiences for visitors to your website.

Missing out on customers

None of us like landing on a website that has glitches and doesn’t function properly. Especially if its an online store where we’ll be asked to key in sensitive personal and financial information. Out of date plugin software may cause issues that you’re not aware about, but are very obvious to visitors. Why take the chance of ruining your reputation and putting off customers with a website that doesn’t work as it should. Just taking time to make sure you’re using the most up to date software plugins will prevent all of that.

Perhaps Website Support is the answer?

At Globalgraphics we know how important it is to keep websites in tip top condition – most of our clients rely on them for their livelihoods. Keeping an eye out to see whether your website is using the most up to date software can often be overlooked. That’s where we step in with our Website support solutions.

With our WordPress and WooCommerce Premier Support services we keep a very close eye on your website to ensure that the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as any plugins you have, are all to date. Where new software needs to be downloaded, we’ll do that for you and make sure there aren’t any compatibility issues too. To find out more about these 2 services please click on the links below….

WordPress Premier Support

WooCommerce Premier Support