If you’re like most businesses out there, you’re constantly changing and evolving.

This is especially true if you have a business online. You wouldn’t be able to manage the lightning fast shifts if it weren’t for the tools available. Your E-commerce platform for example, should be able to shift and change with your company as it keeps up with or leads the industry.

Magento Developers in Birmingham have a lot of good things to say about Magento when it comes to supporting small to medium sized businesses. One of the best features is it’s adaptability but there is plenty more it can do for your business. Its many features equates to average sales growth that is 3 times higher when compared to other platforms. On top of that, owners will often see up to a 50% reduction in the cost of running their business. This likely explains why ¼ of the ecommerce sites online are running Magento.

What Birmingham Developers Say about Magento

Make no mistake, developers have plenty of options for ecommerce platforms to work with. Many will advise Magento to their customers because of its ability to create engaging shopping experiences that differ from anything else out there. Magento has made it easy to integrate third-party and there’s no limit to customization. Magento support is also an important aspect to the service. It has a global ecosystem of merchants, partners and Magento developers in Birmingham and beyond. Any vision you have for your ecommerce is a possibility.

Open Source Makes It Adaptable (and free of charge)

What makes Magento ecommerce so adaptable is in part, because it’s open source. Many of the extensions are free and there’s a huge community of developers that ensure security at all time. It’s a free download and install and you can tweak the source code to make it fit the kind of website you’re creating. The community of Magento means that if you’re having a problem, it’s probably been solved already. You just have to go into the forum to find the answer.

Magento Connect Marketplace

The open source Community Edition of Magento has the biggest and most active developer community when it comes ecommerce platforms. A Magento agency in Birmingham can easily install extensions that are found through the Magento Connect Marketplace. Magento Connect is the largest marketplace for Ecommerce apps worldwide.

Furthermore, the platform is upgraded by developers, ensuring that security issues are flushed out. This ensures safety when it comes to your Ecommerce site. Troubleshooting is available so even if you run into something you can’t figure out, you can seek out answers on the developer community and forums.

The Design is Mobile Friendly

Most people are busy and it’s not unheard of to purchase products while you’re on the sky train after work. With everyone on their devices, your online business will drown if you have a selling platform that doesn’t perform well. It’s necessary to have a versatile platform that works on any device and it’s believed that Magento is that perfect platform. The apps with Magento can easily coordinate over whatever device a customer is using. Basically, people can buy from you if they’re on their cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

The Kind of Business Magento Benefits

Magento caters to all business sizes, budgets, and demands. A Magento Company in Birmingham can analyze your online ecommerce needs and advise you on your best option.

Magento Community Edition – free of charge and good for small to medium sized businesses.

Magento Go – best for small organizations but comes at a cost.

Magento Enterprise – for large corporations mostly. Costs $16,000 per year just to have the platform. Additional costs will be incurred also. It is a benefit for large corporate clients but makes very little sense for a small company to dish out the money.

Why Magento is helping to Boost Sales

Through this article, you’ll probably hear a few times that sales are boosted 3X when a company starts utilizing Magento. While Magento Web Designers do attest that it’s an easy platform to use, it is also complex in many ways. These complexities are to your advantage however.

Say you want to have your customer groups set up differently so certain people see different prices on your online store, Magento can do that. Those hard to reach customers will see a price they can’t reject while other customers will see a higher price.

You can also have a Magento Agency in Birmingham create your online store to direct customers towards conversions.

There are discount systems that make it easy for you to adjust offers. While you won’t need a Magento developer from Birmingham for the basics, you may need help for special requirements.

Magento Helps the World Find You

SEO is important in the sense that it helps search engines figure out what you’re about and how important you are. So when your target audience searches for products or services you sell, Google can let them know you’re out there. Sounds simple. The problem is, all your competition is also in the race to be noticed. Magento has a solution for that.

There are plenty of features available on the Magento platform to help Magento web designers in the Birmingham area create your SEO-friendly Ecommerce site. This includes the creation of URLS and sitemaps that helps Google or other search engines index you. Meta data can be defined and Magento also makes it easy for customers to search your online store.

Magento really doesn’t miss much. Although their platforms make it easy for customers to search for products on your site, it’s not beneficial for SEO. Google sees the original page your customer landed as relevant while any other page they visit as a duplicate. Magento developers in Birmingham can use customization tools available to remedy this problem. Magento understands the relevance of being easily found by their target audience while staying strong on their SEO front.

Data to Analyze What Works and What Doesn’t

Regardless of what kind of website you have, you want to earn money and you need to know if you are. To achieve this, you need to have databases built, examine them and make decisions on your business practices. Magenta allows you to integrate powerful data collecting systems like Google Universal Analytics. This information will help you:

  • Find out how many visitors you have.
  • How they are finding you.
  • How much time visitors spend on your page.
  • What they like
  • How your website is performing
  • Catching failures within your sales process.

Magento tools offer reports that allow your Magento Agency in Birmingham to determine what is causing malfunctions, if any.

If you’re an expert in web design or need a Birmingham Magento company to develop your Ecommerce site, your goal is to succeed. In order to succeed, you want to have an online store that is competitive, engaging, responsive and adaptable. Magento is a highly robust platform that has all the capabilities you could want.

It may be too robust for those who want to create their own Ecommerce site. This is why it’s advised that you seek out a company in Birmingham who specializes in Magento development. The costs involved are worth the investment. Magento has proved its relevance in sales and business growth.