Urgent notice from Google to website owners

This month Google made contact with website owners to warn of an imminent change. From October all websites that have on-line forms and data entry fields (such as login fields) on standard HTTP pages will be flagged up by the Google Chrome browser as ‘NOT SECURE’. This change will affect nearly all websites on the Internet.

The reason why Google is making this change is that it wants more security for people when their browsers communicate with websites. The solution for website owners is to make all web pages on their websites that contain on-line forms and data entry fields HTTPS pages. This then ensures the secure and encrypted communication of data between browser and website.

If you did not see the communication from Google, which many website owners did not as it was sent to Website Search Consoles, here is it is below….

How will it impact your website?

Well, if pages within your website are flagged up as ‘NOT SECURE’ this can of course have very negative effects. It could possibly affect your rankings with Google, and could well put people off visiting your website – impacting on both enquiries and orders.

The solution?

As Google recommends, all websites with the issue described above will need to upgrade to HTTPS pages. Please contact your website hosting company as a matter of urgency.

If your website is hosted by Globalgraphics Associates Ltd we will shortly be in contact with you. If you have any questions please call us on 0121 667 8667.