When people undertake searches on the Internet they will use a combination of ‘key words’ (what we at Globalgraphics like to refer to as ‘Search Phrases’) in order to bring up a list of relevant websites. For example, if someone was looking for a web design company in the Birmingham area that might choose to use any of the following search phrases…

  • Web design Birmingham
  • Website design Birmingham
  • Web design company Birmingham
  • Web design agency in Birmingham
  • etc…

Using each of these search phrases will bring up a different list of results from a Search Engine. So if your business has a website the big questions is ‘What search phrases are your customers using?

Finding out the answer to this is essential to your on-line success and can quite easily be done using a free Key Word Research tool. Google has a great one that shows the average search volume per search phrase for previous months.

Once you have discovered what key words/search phrases your customers are using it’s time to optimise your website to make sure your business gets onto that first page of Google!