What’s all the fuss about getting your business website onto Page 1 of Google?

That’s a silly question! If you want to maximise your on-line presence, then you need to get onto Page 1 of Google to be seen by prospective clients. It really is a simple as that.

When people use Google to search for products and services they need, they will rarely go past Page 1 of the search results. This is because they presume that Google has provided them with the very best web sites to choose from on this page. Which means that those lucky 10 to 12 companies in the natural listings on Page 1 get all the attention.

But is it as fabulous as it seems to have your business listed on Page 1? Unfortunately not. Even on Page 1 of Google competition is extremely fierce. Not only are you up against those 9 to 11 companies in the natural listings, but also those other companies at the top of Page 1 (and sometimes listed down the right hand side as well) that are paid advertisers with Google.

The trick is to make your website listing stand out from the crowd. Of course, one of the best ways to get attention is to have a higher position in the natural listings. This can be achievable over time by using search engine optimisation. For a more instant high listing on Page 1 it may be worthwhile being a paid advertiser with Google.

There are some other ways to make your website listing stand out on Page 1. Be creative with your meta title and description. Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What would they be looking for as they cast their eyes down that list of search results. What would be the best words to use to catch their attention? Look at what wording your competitors have used, and try improve on it for your own listing.