With cellular technologies rapidly improving over the last two decades, our devices have upgraded from 1G all the way to 4G (commonly known as LTE).

If you’ve been following technological advancements recently, you’ve probably heard about 5G technology. This new technology claims to be faster and more technically capable than any previous generation.

The 5G rollout has already started in select areas in the United States, Canada, and Europe. It won’t be long before this technology becomes the norm.

How Does 5G Technology Open Up New Marketing Opportunities for Your Business?

By The Numbers

The modern standard for cellular technology is 4G. Unlike previous generations, this generation of cell tech provides a fast enough transfer speed to stream video.

4G is technically capable of a data transfer speed of 1GB/s. In practice, this is limited by other factors. Most 4G devices have a speed of about 600-800 megabits per second.

In comparison, 5G cellular technology is capable of up to 10 GB/s data transfer speed. This is an over 10x improvement over 4G.

Why are Bigger Numbers Better?

So, what options does 5G’s increased speed open up for your marketing strategies? Well, there are a few.

Larger Audience – better Internet technology means more people will be able to use the Internet for what they want, from anywhere they want. That means there are more viewers to see your marketing campaigns. Generally, the more people there are online, the larger markets will get.

Personalization – faster speeds will bring more people into the market, and your business will need to be able to deal with them. 5G technology opens up more access to customer data, which means you will have that much more data to keep track of. In the modern market, consumers demand a personalized shopping experience, so it will be important for your business to take advantage of the 5G technology to provide customers with what they’re looking for.

Video Marketingvideo marketing is one of the more effective marketing techniques in the industry. At the moment, video viewing is limited by 4G technology. While it is quick enough to stream low-quality video, full HD videos and long video files are often out of reach for 4G.

5G removes this limit entirely. Your audience will be able to watch your marketing videos from anywhere, in 4K resolution. 5G will make high-quality advertisements more accessible to mobile users than ever before.

Low Latency: Another Technical Advantage

5G technology brings with it another major advantage over 4G: low latency times. This allows your business to communicate with its customers in real-time. Low latencies help your marketing strategy in a number of ways:

This opens several marketing options for your business, such as streaming video to your customers with no lag. Low latencies allow you to have better control over your marketing campaigns and provide a great opportunity to make sure your customers are all seeing the same thing at the exact same time.

Future Technology Opportunities

The fact that 5G technology allows for latency-free communication is a big technological advancement – and something you should take advantage of in your marketing strategies. This advance allows for vast improvements in technologies like self-operated vehicles and machines, which current 4G networks can’t handle.

Send and Receive Data in Real-Time: Analytics

With a combination of AI and 5G technology, you can make use of the analytics your company gathers in real-time. This allows you to adjust your marketing campaign to cater directly to consumers’ needs as they make purchases. For example, you can adjust the ads being shown to customers immediately based on the other products or services they purchase from your company.

5G Will Become the Global Standard

Your business should start preparing for the transition to 5G now. Whether that means creating high-quality advertisements, improving your website, or modernizing the look of your company, 5G is coming, and it will change the way we access the Internet on the go.

Mobile marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing and something that more companies need to focus on.

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