So, you have been tasked to write up content for your website?

Perhaps, it’s multiple pages describing what kind of products and services your company offers, or maybe creating just a single blog article? Whatever you have been asked to do, unless fabulous words flow freely from your fingertips, you are going to find it hard work. But all is not lost. We have got you covered with some good advice on getting you started…

What is your goal?

First up is to define what do you hope to achieve from the text content you are about to prepare. For example, is it…

  • the best way to clearly inform people about what your company does without confusing them?
  • to get people interested and wanting to actively participate in an event you are organising?
  • to entertain and engage people with the hope that they will want to follow you and read more of your work?

Once you have set clear objectives it should make it much easier for you to focus on a direction to take.

Who are you writing for?

Who do you hope will be reading your text content? You must know who your audience is, as this will influence the way you write your text, such as the style, tone, formality, humour etc. Writing up text content takes time and effort, and what is the point of writing at all if it doesn’t interest, appeal to, persuade or engage your target audience? Most of us are not professional copywriters who can knock out perfect scripts in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, so give yourself time to get into your writing zone.

Make it digestible and succinct.

None of us are fans of over waffly, lengthy passages of text; especially when we are reading it on our mobile phone or tablet device. We will skim our eyes over text and pick out pieces of information that is interesting or relevant to us. That is why text content on websites should be succinct, informative, and digestible. However, do not let this hinder you in your first attempts at writing – you can always re-read what you have done with a critical eye and then whittle it down or re-word it. Practice makes perfect with any kind of writing.

Do you sound like you know what you are talking about?

Many of your readers will have at least some knowledge about the topic about which you are writing. They will quickly assess your competency on the subject and sniff out if you are a fraud! That is why it is essential to ensure you know and have good understanding of the subject before you write about it. Research and experience are key requirements in creating accurate, informative content that people will want to spend time reading.

How will people find your written content?

Unless people access your website directly through your domain name, they will have searched using some keywords. Keywords are search phrases that we all use to find websites of interest, and products or services on the world wide web. That is why any website text content you create should contain keywords that people are using. You can find out more about keyword research here. Remember, keywords embedded in text content are essential if you want to optimise your website for search engines. You not only want your text to appeal to your target audience, but those search engines too.

Check, check, check!

You have spent all that time writing up text content, please do not publish it until you’ve proofread it. There is nothing more off-putting to readers than bad spelling, grammar, and punctuation! Luckily, Word and most other systems will help you as you go along. If you are a novice at writing, it would also be worthwhile getting a colleague to cast their eyes over you content. Do not take criticism too personally though – as we’ve said above, practice makes perfect.

Need help?

Globalgraphics Web Design has its own in-house copywriters who can help in preparing any kind of text content you need for your website. We have helped businesses from all sectors of industry in creating informative and engaging content that is perfect for website pages. Contact us today to find more about this service!