Spring Cleaning text on Road SignSpring is just around the corner, so what better time to take a long hard look at your website to see if it needs a good Spring clean!

With more and more people getting on-line to look for products and services that they need, there’s certainly no time to be complacent with a tired looking website that was designed 5 years ago! People will be comparing your website with your competitors. So why give your competitors the leading edge?

For brochure websites, where you are promoting your company and the products/services that you offer, it’s easy to get a great new look and feel. Why not consider making your website less busy and move towards a more minimalist look and feel, which has become all the rage over the last couple of years. Adding a few professional quality images to your website will also impress your on-line visitors, and needn’t be expensive if you purchase them from a company such as Shutterstock (www.shutterstock.com).

For those of you with on-line stores, well it really is just the same as walking down the local High Street. People will be checking out your shop window display to decide whether they want to come inside to shop (or not!). With e-commerce websites, the trick is to make both the browsing and shopping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. As mentioned above, there is a real movement towards more minimalist design with e-commerce websites too.

Stuck for ideas on how to move forward? Check out our extensive portfolio to see what designs other businesses have opted for. Of course we are here to provide you with more ideas and inspiration!